Illustration for the technological article about the BrainNet experiment. In this article I explain how scientists have managed to connect two brains in a way that they can communicate and play Tetris in a collaborative way.

Thinking about connecting brains, I remembered the connected hearts from the painting “the two Fridas”, from Frida Kahlo. In it, Frida self-reproduces twice. To the right, the old Frida, in love with Diego Rivera and dressed in a traditional way, holds a portrait of her ex-husband. On the left, the new Frida dresses more modern and holds the scissors that are to cut the veins and arteries that unite the two hearts of the two Fridas as a metaphor for her break with the past and a step forward after the separation from her husband.

The illustration is a free interpretation of Frida’s painting with connected brains instead of hearts and pieces of Tetris in her hands instead of scissors and portraits.

BrainNet Illustration

BrainNet Illustration

You can read the full article in Telefonica Empresas’s blog.

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